One of the key ideas of the organization’s strategy is to mobilize and involve employment players in the efforts made to make sure persons with disabilities better integrate and remain on the labor market.

We offer the following services:

  •  Assessment of clients’ skills through simple tests in order to identify their interests, skills and abilities.
  •  Preparation of clients before job placements by developing and improving employment skills through practical experience, such as internships and skills acquisition workshops.
  • Clients can take part in community activities to help them gain or maintain skills, behaviours and attitutes that will increase their employment integration opportunities.
  •  Information on the labor market and employment research methods (preparing résumés and cover letters for clients, prepping them and accompanying them on job interviews).
  •  Work placements: facilitate the integration of clients in long-term employment. Clients can also find jobs suited to their needs where basic training and an adequate work environment are provided.
  •  Employment follow-up: we offer a rigorous follow-up and serve as a mediator between the employer and the employee in cases of conflict to facilitate the continued employment of persons with disabilities.
  •  Client referral to other services, as required.
  •  Many other services are available based on your needs.

We apply an integrated approach through partnerships with community and social players in the field of socio-professional insertion or professional training to better meet our clients’ needs.